Website Design

MykSoftware provide services in website design, redesign and maintenance including all graphics required. Whatever your requirements - streaming video, sound, FlashMX animation, eShopping and billing, downloads, blogs - we can do it.

After an initial consultation with you, we will produce a website to your specifications, incorporating your design features and imagination, at a price that most organisations charge for an off-the-shelf boring standard website. If you do not happen to feel insipred as to design, we can come up with recommendations and design suggestions.

What's more, if required, we'll maintain it for you at a very reasonable rate.


Fees for website design vary as to what the client requires though they will tend to be between £350 - £500 for the majority. There will also be a fee for domain name registration and web hosting which is in the region of £50. All fees will be agreed with you before the work takes place.