Multi-User Simple Authorization Script

Authorization Required (Demo)

Usernames/Passwords for the Demo:-

AbrahamLincoln ABC01
BenjaminFranklin ABC02
Guest guestpass
Admin adminpass

"Guest" and "Admin" can be disabled or enabled individually as required and their passwords are changeable as required.

Use a wrong user name or password to see the error message.

Once logged in, you won't need to re-enter the password for 5 minutes; the expiry time can be customized to your liking.

Please enter the user name and password below.

You will need to enable cookies for MUSAS to work as expected.

Name:    Password: 

 Keep me logged in for 1 week (10 minutes for this demo)

See the original demo page included with the download. The current demo page you are viewing (musasdemopage.php) shows the integration of SAS within an existing site.

Alternative - See this demo page with an alternative stylesheet to see how easy it is to restyle.