MuAnnounce Script ver.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download MuAnnounce & unpack the zip file.
  2. Open and configure the annconfig.php file, setting the variable ann_file to the name you want to use for announcement file (default = announcement.txt).
  3. Edit the code for the page where you want announcements to appear:-
    • insert <?php include('announcement.txt'); ?> on a line by itself and save the page with the extension .php
    • insert <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="announce.css"> in the <head> section of the page
  4. Upload all files in the main folder on your server.

That's it!

Access the announcement application by typing in your browser.

If you want some security over who is able to upload announcements, you can download and install MUSAS from this website.