Hide Your Email Address


To put a link in your page for people to email you which spam bots can't trawl, simply use the following code (version 1) in the HTML code:-

<a href="mailto:fredZXCVbloggsVBNMcom?Subject=Contact from website"
Email Me (Version 1)</a>

In the user's browser, any time they place the mouse over the link, the "ZXCV" is changed to "@" and "VBNM" to "."

If you want extra security (spam bots may recognise the "mailto" part of the link and analyse further), you could use Version 2:-

<a href="poiuy:fredZXCVbloggsVBNMcom?Subject=Contact from website"
Email Me (Version 2)</a>

This also encodes "mailto" as "POIUY"

Please note:-

If there is more than one "." (period/full stop) in the email address, e.g. or in the email address, this code can only change the first occurrence, so leave the remainder as periods (full stops). In this second example I would recommend leaving the first occurrence and changing the second to disguise the .com.

Example using the code above:-

Email Me (Version 1)

Email Me (Version 2)

NB - If you decide to change the "ZXCV", "VBNM" or "poiuy" then ensure you change every occurrence.
You can, of course, leave out ?Subject=Contact from website if it's not needed.
As shown, this would open an Email form (in Outlook or whatever you use) addressed to "".
Having copied the code, change "fred" and "bloggs" (and "com" if required) to whatever address you need emails to be sent to.

Feel free to copy and paste the code. Enjoy!